About BTA
Bob Tuttle Associates Engineering was started in 1972 with a focus on industrial automation. Since then the company has done the Engineering for over 300 custom homes and 12 small shopping malls. BTA has focused on custom homes in the 7 Western states, with the largest number in Northern California. BTA has access to the best architectures and specialty engineers in the industry today to get your project from concept to completion in the shortest time possible.

Services From BTA
While our focus is on all of the engineering components of a project, BTA has plaid the role of Project Engineering, being a member of PMI for many years. Most of the staff engineers are PEs, and are able to sign off on all drawings and engineering components associated with your project. We have a great deal of experience with ADA requirements and State?Federal law associated with ADA.

Contact BTA
We are located in Petaluma. California, and can be reached by phone (707)322-4959, fax (206)337-1234, or email Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific time.

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